3 University Life Savers

University can be one of the best times of your life; you are hopefully going to study something that you are passionate about and have the freedom to explore your likes and interests. If you are a mature student, this is a time to retrain for a career change, or satisfy a passion in later life. Whatever is the case, you will need the essentials to make your studies a success. Bayraw has several products to make you the most practical and stylish student on campus.


1. The Bayraw Duffle

When it comes to the first few weeks on campus, the first thing you will notice is that you are inundated with information, how many classes you are taking, how many assignments you have, what all the procedures are and so on. This is on top of the copious amount of books that you much purchase or rent from the library, the first few weeks could be the most daunting of your university experience. In this situation it’s important to be organised, part of that is having something to carry all of your necessities in. The Duffle by Bayraw is the perfect accompaniment: the 100% leather duffle back is big enough to fit all the books and university essentials you need, durable enough to match your busy student lifestyle and super stylish, so you can maintain your look even if you’re stressed out about exams.


 2. The Bayraw Tote

Look ladies, we get it, the pressure to look good is a constant. Unfortunately, on campus it could be a matter of social life and death. The Bayraw Tote has you covered, not only does it look great, but it is practical for you everyday student fashionista needs. You won’t need another bag, this tote looks great with any look and in any season.


3. Laptop Sleeve

A fantastic asset in the classroom is a laptop, they allow you to copy notes quickly, research difficult intellectual theories of the fly or potentially procrastinate mid lesson. Bayraw has a fantastic range of Macbook and iPad cases that will allow you to carry around these devices safely why still looking incredibly stylish. With a range of colours and styles available, our cases fit a multiple devices. Our sleeves are nearly always waterproof and dustproof too, and don't have a zip to protect against the risk of scratches. The sleeve is opened and closes using two powerful magnets for ease of access.


University is a great time in your life, with these three stylish and practical accessories you will be putting your best foot forward as you embark on your new chapter.

Think of a product that would make your uni life easier? Please drop our friendly customer support team a message, and we might even be able to add it to our range.

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