5 Essential Items For A Weekend Trip

5 Essential Items for a Weekend Trip

Whether it’s a road trip with your mates, re-stocking the pantry while you call in at your parents’, or a romantic getaway with your special someone; the weekend trip is a much-loved and well-worn pastime. 

Regardless of where and when, careful selection of what to take – and what to not – is a must. We can all think of one person who seems to bring the kitchen sink to every excursion – if you can’t, chances are your friends are all thinking of you!

So whether you’re a Jonny English – travelling with nothing but a spare pair of underpants, and a packet of sherbet lemons, or pack a suitcase deeper than Mary Poppins’ handbag; take the stress out of travel planning with our handy guide of 5 essential items for a weekend trip. 

1. Power Bank

Smart phones of the 21st century are truly phenomenal. In our pockets we have ongoing entertainment systems, with the ability to stream endless albums or movies, precise GPS tracking to keep us on track on road trips, and of course, the all important ability to capture every second of our days and upload them to your preferred social platform.

But for all their wizardry, they’re pretty useless when they run out of battery! If you’re going to be out and about for any length of time - or have any question marks over the charging situation where you’re staying, a decent power bank is an absolute must.

Tech Advisor have got a really handy guide on power banks - check out their blog post here(Our personal favourite is number three on the list: the Anker Power Core - available from Amazon for just £27.99) 

2. Headphones

Even the best of friendships can be put to the test by close proximity. Make sure you guard against squabbles and fall outs by giving yourself the chance to escape and enjoy some peace and quiet - well, peace anyway!

3. Travel sized toiletries

We’re just going to throw two letters out here at this point: B.O.

We all know it. We all hate it. We’ve all maybe suffered from it from time to time. And the unfortunate ones amongst us have been crammed in the middle of a row of three in the back of a minuscule VW Polo next to someone reeking of it! (Other small cars are available…).

Don’t be that person.

Remember your washing goods and remember your deodorant.

Now, being based in Yorkshire, we know a thing or two about being tight with money! We definitely DO NOT recommend the cute, teeny-tiny branded bottles of shower gels and deodorants, because although the price may be small, the cost per liquid is astronomical compared to the regular sized items.

Buy a set of travel containers – lots of places sell them, and they often come in sets with multiple sizes, which is really handy. Boots have got a really handy little set, or Wilko’s sell individual ones so you can buy just the number you need. 

4. Travel Pillow

The best laid plans… 

Every good adventure has at least one moment that doesn’t quite go to plan. It’s a lot easier to take these times in your stride when you’re well rested - or have at least had a couple of hours of relatively good kip. 

This is always a more pleasant experience when you’ve got somewhere soft to lay your head. Be one step ahead by taking a trusty travel pillow with you as a fallback, you’ll be surprised at the number of times you’ll be grateful to have brought one!

5. Bag

All these items are of course all well and good, if you have nothing to haul your luggage in, your going to irritate your fellow explorers pretty quickly.

Size, weight and security are all key considerations when choosing the best bag, but as tempting as it is, don’t be fooled into a case with more pockets than packing space. 

Bayraw Duffle Bag

Our personal favourite is the trusty leather duffle bag by Bayraw. No nonsense, not over-gimmicked, this spacious, functional bag has plenty of room, and will hold everything you need – and look good whilst doing it!

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